Busy not blogging!

Hello again!

I’ve had a busy week or so and my once a week blog aim was sidetracked. So Friday evening updates are on the go! And as I’ve been busy this post is a little longer than normal!

I spent last Saturday creating a new flower bed and making use of an old cold frame my parents had stopped using. The cold frame has become home to tomato, chilli  and viola seedlings (I spotted some seed paper trio packets  that were too cheap to pass up). I’m unsure how much success they will have in the next few weeks as spring temperatures are only just starting to appear *fingers crossed*. I’m hoping as the next few weeks pass that it will be warm enough to cool off my other indoor seedlings and get them into their new homes in flower beds.

I also started to prepare my veggie patch and chit potatoes. I may be a bit late to the veggie party this year, but spring frosts can appear so late up here that I’m not sure how much would survive outside without a greenhouse or strong polytunnels. I removed some rocks and weeds from an area I’ve chosen for my veggies. Sieving the ground to remove most of the rocks that could slow the growth of any of my tuber veggies. Unfortunately I only managed to finish half the veggie patch before I’d had enough after digging the flower bed and spending about 7hours in the garden last Saturday. Progress was quite slow but the garden is transforming nicely.

Veggie patch Step 1

The new flower bed was the next mission, and I can see a couple more of these beds appearing over the next few weeks so I have space for all the flowers I am planning for. My parents have been helping me on my gardening mission, giving me some unwanted plants from their garden or smaller ones that have been split when their mother plant got too big. My parents have always been keen gardeners. I think some of that sparked a passion in me, and a need to be surrounded by flowers. This bed took a lot of work, as I hadn’t realised quite how many rocks were hidden just below the surface of our little garden. I must say I love the outcome and have already got dreams of how it will look when it’s done. Mum and I plan to split 250 summer flowering bulbs to fill our gardens so I can’t wait for them to arrive and fill in the gaps. I really am starting to agree with Mum’s idea of More plants = Less weeds.

New flower bed

I’ve already planted a few more seedlings (Lupin and Osteopermum) but my previous seedlings have become very leggy and weak. After doing a bit more research I think better potting soil, good sunlight and possibly some plant feed will make all the difference. If anyone has any tips on growing stronger seedlings please leave some comments below!!

Let’s go plant more seeds!! Pixie


Too keen?

Yesterday I convinced myself it was the first day of Spring. There is still snow on the hills and minus numbers in the weather forecast but it is Spring (as I saw my first lambs gambolling about the fields on my way to work). This sight lifted my spirits and told me Summer (though often only lasting a week here in Scotland) is on the way.

I am determined this weekend will be a productive one. Aiming to get raised beds marked out and more seeds planted (our kitchen window is already a nursery for onion seeds and wildflowers). The wildflowers will hopefully give our garden some colour this summer before I have had the time and money to bring on or buy perennials that are big enough to fill the space. I have also purchased some hardy perennial seeds to bring on and hopefully they will grow well enough to survive the harsh winter when it arrives again.  The kitchen window tray filled with mixed wildflowers is already getting to the stage where some of my seedlings need re-potting, all the while making space for new seeds but slowly filling the kitchen with a green leafy haven.  It’s quite exciting growing this pick-and-mix of plants not knowing what will grow.

This is the first time I have really grown seeds since primary school science experiments of growing beans in toilet roll tubes, and my heart is thankful! Giving a lift to my day seeing how a little nurturing can help plants grow and this really has the same effect on me. *I know this all sounds sappy, sorry* My adventure into gardening really has sparked something in me and my plant wish list is growing every day.

For those interested my plant wish list so far includes:

  • snowdrops
  • primroses
  • cornflower
  • poppies
  • foxgloves
  • lupins
  • lavender
  • anemone
  • hellebore

I have seen so many colourful plants, that I had not noticed before, that have really opened my eyes to what *reasonably native* varieties are available. I’ll need to remind myself not to just buy what looks great but also note how hardy they are, as winters here can be brutal.

If you’ve got this far comment and let me know what’s on your plant list!

Lets go plant more seeds! Pixie x

Wishes for Spring

Today it seemed like the first day of SPRING here in the highlands. Although I am sure the warmer nights are still some way away…

I took some time out on my lunch break to walk; with the sun on my face; bird song in my ears and the hope that spring is not far away in the front of my mind.

Loch Insh
Spring by Loch Insh 20Mar2018


Last week I planted onion seed and some mixed wild flower, to bring some new life into my house. The germination process was slow at first but now my seedlings are growing in number and height each day. It really has reminded me how much I enjoy planting things and seeing them flourish. Some of my wild flower seedlings are growing slowly and look strong, others are tall and leggy, and others still have yet to sprout.

Mixed wild flowers



The onions are yet to show face but I hope that a hive of action is taking place beneath the surface of the compost in my propagator. These little seedlings it seems have progressed much faster than me in the past week; as my ideas and aims for the weekend have moved at snails pace. The raised beds I had planned to cut lengths for have not progressed from a mere sketch; it was a little too cold at the weekend for me to face a full day in a cold shed.  Despite the lack of progress the sun has put hope in my heart and the memory of summer feels closer than it has for the past few months.

Although I am sure the warmer nights are still some way away… I find myself filled with hope and wishes for Spring.

Let’s go outdoors! Pixie x

Inspire. Desire. Perspire.

As I plan and detail my blog I realise planning is a must, but inspiration is also needed. So here follows my plan of action;

My three step plan for getting stuff done!

  1. Search out inspiration! Be it pinning on my pinterest boards, instagramming or noting ideas down as they hit me.
  2. Make a list of must have items, map them to my garden and try to think logically. *Will this grow in a scottish garden with little wind cover?* Then revisit my list.
  3. Put in the work! Rain or shine I will strive to put in work when I can. Be it planting, weeding or decorating the garden.

Of course my craft projects are also going to be ongoing but my aim for summer is to create a place I can really enjoy spending time in.

For a starting point I’m including photos taken of the garden, when we moved into our current place in November. I’ve strimmed the grass and got rid of a lot of the dead growth. I’m waiting for spring to see how many weeds start to appear before i tear the place to the ground. I’m hoping for planting that varies with the season but is still scottish at heart. I’ll also be planting a few veggies this summer if things go well.

Let’s go get some stuff done! Pixie x

Furniture and Foliage the expedition

This blog is a journal of my thoughts, wishes, successes and probably failures in both gardening and on many of my upcycling projects. *Other projects old and new may also make an appearance.* This is going to be a spot of self documentation, celebration and learning. I’ll be posting hopefully once a week on what I’ve been up to be it planting, painting or planning.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and would appreciate any fun upcycling ideas you think I should try out or even suggesting your favourite plants that I should try growing. Blog post topics would also be appreciated.

Hopefully by documenting along the way I’ll learn something too and projects will become more of a finished product rather than a bit of an experiment. And so it begins… Let’s go learn some stuff. Pixie x